Our Expertise

  • Investment Strategy
  • Asset Management

Our team specializes in sourcing proprietary off-market investments and leverages on the strength of in-house asset management professionals with an extensive and proven track record across the region.

Real Estate Private Equity

Investment Sourcing


Investment Strategy

Deal Sourcing

The vast majority of our investments are sourced off-market through the team's extensive network of industry contacts and proprietary relationships.

Risk Assessment

All our investments undergo a rigorous macro, market and project level evaluation, further validated by our on-the-ground presence and local market knowledge and intelligence.

Dynamic Investment Approach

We constantly look at "out of the box" ideas to identify and to capitalize on opportunities for alternative investment approaches (e.g. distressed sales, loan-to-own, hybrid structures)

Prudence and Discipline

Our investments are made on the strength of project fundamentals. Leverage is secured at the project level on a non-recourse basis and never for the sole purpose of enabling investments to meet return targets. We strictly comply with maximum fund and investment level leverage restrictions for all of our funds and investments

Asset Management

Hands-on and Focused

We are committed to a thorough and disciplined approach to monitoring our investments using proven asset management tools, processes and reporting that are comprehensive and multi-disciplinary.

Project Team

We actively participate in the appointment of project-level personnel, consultants and suppliers for each of our projects to ensure (and improve on) performance in the areas of quality control, environmental sustainability, costs and delivery time.


ARCH Capital’s established pre-qualification and tendering approach is adopted in our joint ventures to ensure compliance with our high standards.

Design to Market and Build to Cost

The twin disciplines of market-orientation and cost-focus are carried through every stage of our investments, from conceptualization to detailed design to construction.

Local Presence and International Expertise

We establish an on-the-ground project management presence, where practicable. We localize and supplement by bringing international best practices and our own experience to bear on each investment.

Bridging Partnerships Across Asia Pacific