Parkland Charan-Pinklao


Parkland Charan-Pinklao is a high-rise residential development comprising 1,784 units across 119,100 sqm GFA. The 3 residential towers are connected by a 3-rai (4,800sqm) botanic garden and a swimming pool for residents.


The development is conveniently located along the main road of Charan Sanitwong and directly across the MRT Blue Line (Bang Yi Khan Station). Located nearby are Central Plaza Pinklao Mall, Siriraj Hospital, and Thammasat University.

We entered into this investment with our longstanding and market tested JV partner in Thailand. Our strategy was to capitalise on the strong and consistent demand for residential units in mature neighborhoods located along new mass transit routes targeted at the middle/upper-middle income segment.

Leveraging on the success and reputation of the Parkland brand, we have now extended the brand to Charansanitwong-Pinklao; we have successfully exited from this investment with achieved returns exceeding original underwriting.


Bangkok, Thailand

Asset Class:


119,500Total GFA (sqm)
1,784Total Units